Welcome to Veluthukaran Agencies Garden Centre. Located at the heart of Thrissur, we are a one-stop solution for all your agricultural and garden needs. We have been dealing with agricultural, gardening and agrochemicals products and services since 1957.

We offer an array of farm organic and inorganic pesticides, fertilizers, pheromone, seeds, coir pith, coconut shell chips garden and agricultural sprayers, sprinklers, fountains, drip irrigation systems. Farm equipment and tools like budding and grafting knives, fruit pickers, garden rakes, scissors, pruners, hose, branch cutters, trimmers, secateurs, choppers, shears of different make and brand are available. Garden and agricultural pots of varieties of size, shape and quality to meet all your needs are also available.

We deals with Shade nets of various density and colour, Mulch sheets of different thickness, color and dimentions, UV Greenhouse sheets of different thicknes, density and colour according to ones need and requirement.

Apart from the sales and service, we also undertake onsite visits and consulting for various gardens, nurseries, farms and agricultural fields in and around Thrissur. So that your plants, whether it’s a garden or a farm, stays just as you always dreamed off.